Account FAQ

Do I Need A Separate Account For Bookogs?

You can use the same account for both Bookogs and Discogs. Username and password are the same. However, you will need to add different settings for using the Marketplace.

How Do I Close My Bookogs Account?

We're sorry to see you go! But we respect the right of every community member to decide if they would like to close their account. If you would like to close your Bookogs account, please contact us here.

My Bookogs Account Is Suspended, How Can I Reactivate My Account?

If your account is suspended, please send us a Support Request so we can help you further.

How Do I Change My Password / Email On Bookogs?

If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password" link. This form will send you a link that will allow you to reset your password. Please note that your new password must be at least 8 characters long. You can change your Discogs email address here: Email Address Change Please remember that your account is unique; this means that the changes will be applied on Discogs and our sister sites. (example:,

How Do I Set Up PayPal On Bookogs?

The first time you list an item for sale, you will be required to add the PayPal email address you want to use to receive funds to your settings.

Buyer FAQ

How Do I Set Up My Buyer Settings?

Your account settings can be set up and changed on Discogs.

How Do I Contact A Seller With A Question?

There are two ways to communicate with a seller. 1) You can ask a question on the listing page. To do this, type you question in the message box, and click the “Ask Question” button. Please note that messages are public, so all users are able to review them. 2) If you have placed an order, you can send a message to a seller by using the “Discussion” box at the bottom of the Order page. Messages on the order page are private; they can be only reviewed by the buyer and the seller.

How Can I Place An Order?

Items for sale in the Bookogs Marketplace are listed by individual sellers around the world.

Once you have found the item you want to buy, on the listing page, click the “Add to Cart” button to add it to your cart. If you want to look for additional items from this seller, click the “View more from XXXX” button.

If you’ve completed your shopping, click the “PayPal Checkout” button. You will be directed to PayPal where you can issue the payment. You can select your shipping address directly on PayPal.

Note: Before buying, please be sure to review the seller's terms. Ask questions before placing an order.

How Do I Choose A Shipping Address?

When confirming your purchase through PayPal please select the address you want your order shipped to from there. This address will then be saved to the order on Bookogs Marketplace.

Where Can I See Updates About My Order?

On the drop-down menu on the top right of your page, select Purchases. Then select the order number to access the order page; you will see the updates there. When an order is updated, you will also receive a notification email.

How Do I Cancel An Order?

As a Buyer, if you would wish to cancel the order after creating it, you will need to ask the seller to cancel the order for you, by sending a message to the seller. This can be done on the order page, by using the “Discussion” box at the bottom of the Order page.

Grading Standard

Bookogs uses the following Standard for grading the condition of items listed in the Marketplace.


Absolutely perfect in every way. Certainly never been used, and should include original packaging. Should be used sparingly as a grade, if at all.

Near Mint

Book should show no obvious signs of wear, and be free from blemishes and visual defects.

Very Good

Book in Very Good condition will show some signs that it was used and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it. Defects should be more of a cosmetic nature, not affecting the actual function.


Good condition includes items that are in fine working order but will have significant surface damage moreso than items rated as Very Good. Scratches, dents, tears, minor corrosion and visible wear will be present but not affect ability to read the book.


Items in this condition will show greater signs of wear than Good, and the usability of the book will be noticeably affected but still readable, or in need of minor repair.


Book in this condition will be non-useable and in need of major repair. This condition should only be used for items where users are seeking for collection purposes.

Tips for Selling

So you're ready to sell some of those books you've been holding onto, and you're getting started on Bookogs - maybe your first sale has already landed! Now you need to know how to handle the transaction so that your buyer has a great experience and everyone is happy.

No problem! Here are a few quick tips for setting up your Bookogs policies and some general best practices to help you have a smooth time in the marketplace.

  1. Communicate Promptly. When a potential buyer sends a message, or a buyer follows up with a question after making a purchase, it's a good idea to respond within 24 hours whenever possible. Even if it's just to say "let me get back to you with an update in a bit," taking a few moments to check in and provide an update helps everyone stay on the same page.
  2. Update the order status. Similarly, buyers are excited to get their item, and they want to know when it's shipped! Posting tracking information or an update about shipping time frames helps buyers know when they can expect to receive their new book!
  3. Grade your items accurately. Buyers want a realistic sense of the overall condition and quality of the item they plan to buy. It may be tempting to overestimate the condition of the item in order to bump up the price, but that can lead to frustration if the buyer feels the item doesn't match the description when it arrives. Be honest and open - if that book has seen a lot of hands, that means it's got character!
  4. Include a return and refund policy. While Bookogs has a default return and refund policy of 21 days from the time of purchase, buyers feel more confident if a seller posts their own policy in very clear terms. International buyers may appreciate a longer return window that takes into account shipping delays, while local buyers may be fine with a shorter return window.

Sale and Return Policy

Bookogs Order Agreement:

The following terms and conditions apply to buyers and sellers for all Bookogs purchases. Sellers may post additional terms and conditions to their Shipping and Payment Terms page. Buyers are required to review the seller's separate terms and conditions prior to placing an order. Failure to abide by these policies may lead to account restrictions or removal of account from Bookogs.

  1. Seller will provide an update to an order, including tracking for shipping within a maximum of 4 days of the order being placed.
  2. Buyers and sellers will communicate directly with each other to resolve any and all issues via the Bookogs order page, using professional and courteous language at all times.
  3. Seller will notify buyer of their policies, shipping costs, accurate shipping time estimates, and any known taxes or fees prior to listing an item for sale. Unless otherwise stated in the seller’s Shop Policies, a return policy of 21 days will be assumed on any inventory for sale.
  4. Buyer acknowledges that they have read and reviewed all of the information in the seller's Shipping and Payment Terms, and agrees to abide by these terms through the duration of their order.
  5. Buyer is responsible for any and all customs fees, import taxes, or other delivery-related charges once the item has been shipped.
  6. Seller acknowledges that item is available at the advertised price and is ready to ship on-schedule, as soon as payment has been confirmed.

Return Policies

General Terms

Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all provided original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.

Fees and Charges

Buyer receives full refund in their original payment method less any shipping charges.

Seller FAQ

How much does it cost to sell on Bookogs?

IMPORTANT NOTE: For a limited time, selling on Bookogs will be free. During this promotion, sellers will not be charged sales fees.

Listing items is free. When you sell your items, we charge you an 8% fee with a maximum capped at the equivalent of $300 USD in the currency of your listing. For example:
$100 item = $8.00 (8% fee) $5,000 item = $300 (maximum fee)

How Do I Set Up My Seller Settings? / Why do I need separate seller settings on Bookogs if I sell on Discogs?

The Marketplace on Bookogs works in a different way than the Marketplace on Discogs. We use a different platform, and the order process is different as well. Therefore, a Seller needs specific settings for selling on Bookogs.

You can configure these preferences by selecting Settings from the drop-down menu on the top right of your page. You can then add the currency of your listings and any profile information you want to share with your buyers.

What Can I Sell On Bookogs?

Bookogs allows for the submission of all unique versions of a book to the database. This means that all items listed for sale in the Marketplace must correspond with the correct release in the database. If the correct release does not yet exist on Bookogs it must be submitted to the database before it can be sold. Commenting on the differences between the item being sold and the one detailed on the Bookogs release page is not permitted.

How To Sell

On the book’s page, click on the “Sell this Item” Button. You will be directed to the “Add item Listing” page, where you will need to enter your listing information and the Shipping details. Once this is done, click “Submit”. Your item is now listed for sale!

If you want to create a listing page for your item, but you are not willing to list it for sale yet, you can easily make the item unavailable by unchecking the “Active” box in an individual listing page. To do this, find the item in your Inventory and click “Edit”; you will see the “Active” box below the Condition settings.

Note: If you are not registered as a seller yet, you will be sent to the sign-up page, where you can add your Seller Information.

How Do I Set Up Shipping?

It’s not possible to create general shipping terms that apply to all your listed items, because items will vary in weight and size. Therefore, shipping information (location, cost) needs to be added directly from the “Add Item Listing” page.

You can create a shipping method for each of the places you are willing to ship to. You can specify specific countries you will ship to, as well as continental regions. You can also create a shipping method for "Local Pickup" to allow customers to arrange an in-person pickup of the item. The amount of each shipping method will be added to the final total of an order so make sure that your shipping methods will cover your shipping costs.

What Payment Methods Are Available On Bookogs?

At this time, the only accepted payment method is PayPal.

If A Buyer Sends A Message, Where Will I See That Message?

When a buyer sends a message, you can review it on the Order page, by selecting the “Notes” tab on the Order Details section. You can access the Order page from the drop-down menu on the top right of your screen, by clicking “Orders”.

You can also use the “Notes” tab to send a message to the buyer, by using the message box.

How Do I Cancel An Order?

To cancel an order, you will need to issue a refund for the buyer directly via PayPal. Then the order can be marked as refunded on the order page. Only the seller can refund an order.

Refund Process:

  1. From the drop-down menu on the top right of your screen, click on Orders. Select the link for the order number you want to cancel.
  2. Scroll down the Order page, and select “Refund” from the “New Order Status” drop-down menu. Then click “Change Status”. The order status will change into “Refunded”.
  3. It is recommended to leave the buyer a message explaining why the order was cancelled, and provide them with the proof of refund (PayPal transaction ID).